...I'm currently gainfully employed, but if you'd like some advice or a referral, I can help.

I specialise in:

  • Implementing other people's designs, including technical advice on easy wins and browser constraints.
  • Consulting on site architecture to ensure a site is intuitive for visitors and easy to manage for administrators.
  • Complex back-end requirements, including coding to import, process and present data from third parties.
  • Interaction with social networking sites; in particular Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.
  • Big-picture consultation on performance issues. Work with the New Zealand Olympic Committee has provided much insight into handling traffic spikes.

I'm primarily an open source developer. My current suite is Laravel 5.x and VueJS on a LAMP stack, and Git version control. I host my personal projects on an Amazon EC2 server instance, and my development environment is on a Mac. I use Windows solely for browser testing. I'm familiar enough with LAMP stack administration, DNS administration, Linux & OS X Unix to run my development environment and personal hosting. I've developed Android apps, a Sencha Touch app, and Chrome extensions.

I've been a software developer since Autumn 1995 and a web developer since Summer 2008. I've been employed by Datacom Systems Ltd in Wellington, an ill-fated new media adserving company in London, Online Solutions Ltd (specialising in real estate software) in Auckland, a telepathic entrepreneur who didn't really care where I was as long I had an internet connection, and (currently) Web Wonks, a company that specialises in web analytics. I've done work for the Electoral Enrolment Centre, the Lottery Grants Board, Department of Social Welfare, the PSA, NZMusic.com, Smoke CDs, Saatchi DGS, and the New Zealand Olympic Committee.

Listed is a representative selection of recent projects. All design work was provided by third parties.